What good is saliva?

Most people don’t even think twice about saliva.  It doesn’t have the drama of blood, the sincerity of tears, or the excitement of sweat.  Each day, the oral cavity and teeth are exposed to physical wear from chewing/biting/grinding, chemical insults … Continued

What are sealants and why are they important?

In the United States, by 17 years old, 68% of children have experienced caries.  Studies show that most of these caries (as much as 90%) occur on the biting surfaces of the molars.  The biting surfaces of the molars are … Continued

Teething and Fevers

Teething has been attributed to many different maladies for many centuries. Hippocrates, in the 4th century B.C., stated that “teething infants suffer from itching of the gums, fever, convulsions, diarrhea, especially when they cut their eye teeth.”  In the 16th … Continued

What is a dental home?

Just as your pediatrician serves as the medical home for your child, the pediatric dentist should serve as the dental home for your child.  The dental home is a special relationship between the dentist, patient and family.  It is defined by … Continued

What’s the point of fluoride?

Fluoride use in the United States has been a major contributing factor in reducing tooth decay over the last several decades.  Fluoride works in many ways to prevent cavities and comes in two different forms. 1.  Topical fluoride is found … Continued