My child knocked out his front tooth. What should I do?!?!?

As spring has arrived and summer is not too far away, it is the time of the year where children are outside more having fun and playing sports.   As the temperature increases, I inevitably see many more falls, accidents, and trauma to the teeth.   Although most injuries to the teeth do not require immediate dental treatment, there are the rare cases where a whole front tooth is knocked out or avulsed.

If your child’s baby tooth is knocked out, often times there is no dental treatment required.  Your child may rinse his or her mouth with water and apply a cold compress to decrease any inflammation or swelling.  You should also take the time to comfort your child and assure him or her that everything will be alright.  NEVER try to put the baby tooth back into the socket as you could potentially damage the developing adult tooth.

If your child’s adult tooth is knocked out, please remain calm.  First, locate the tooth and then rinse it gently under cool water to get rid of any debris.  Next, place the tooth back into the socket and have your child bite down on a piece of gauze or a wash cloth.  If you are unable to or uncomfortable with putting the tooth into the socket yourself, place the tooth in cold milk or saline.  If these are not available, then place the tooth in your child’s saliva (have your child spit into a cup).  NEVER place an avulsed adult tooth in water.

In both cases of the baby and adult tooth, call your pediatric dentist immediately for further instructions.  If you have any questions about dental trauma and emergencies, please contact Lil Pearls Pediatric Dentistry at (347) 682-5688.


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