Pediatric dental care is essential for giving children the proper foundation for a healthy life.

We understand how stressful and difficult it may be to bring your child to the dentist. Our goal is to create an experience for your child that will leave them with positive, lasting memories.

We believe working with the youngest dental patients takes a special kind of personality – marked by patience, energy and lightheartedness – with infinite rewards. Pediatric dentists have the chance to make a difference in kids’ lives that goes way beyond just protecting teeth.1

Our Philosophy

  • Education and Prevention. We believe in the importance of establishing a good oral hygiene regimen and healthy diet early in a child’s life. We educate children and parents about proper oral health care, individualized for each patient’s and family’s unique needs. We focus on preventive care, early detection and stay current on the latest advances in pediatric dentistry to help each child maintain a healthy smile for a lifetime.
  • Communication. We encourage parents to ask questions about any aspect of their child’s care so they can make an informed treatment choice for their child. We also explain each step of treatment to our patients in an age-appropriate way to ease anxieties. Our approach is to help inspire confidence and independence for our patients.
  • Comprehensive Care. We are committed to providing the most advanced, highest quality dental care in a caring and compassionate manner for our patients. Our approach takes into consideration a multitude of general and oral health factors specific to your child to generate a personalized prevention and treatment plan.


Expertise and Services

  • Dr. Fong is a board certified pediatric dentist and is specially trained in the treatment of fearful children and those with any medical, physical or mental disabilities. Dr. Fong is available to discuss any of your concerns before or after any appointment.
  • Beyond Dr. Fong’s education and training, he loves being a dentist and working with children of all ages. He is passionate about keeping your child’s pearly whites healthy and enjoys singing to and with his patients.
  • We offer a wide range of services. From exams and cleanings to more complex procedures (such as fillings, extractions and space maintainers), we are here to help.
  • For anxious and fearful children, we offer nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) and other sedative techniques, including general anesthesia.
  • We specialize in treating special needs patients with physical, developmental, mental, sensory, behavioral, cognitive, and/or emotional impairments. We have an extensive background in behavior guidance that aids in caring for all kinds of children.
  • We accept many dental insurances and will file the paperwork for our patients. Before any treatment is performed, we review the recommended treatment and insurance benefits to ensure that any out-of-pocket costs are clear beforehand.


The Experience

  • Our office was especially designed for kids. We have incorporated child-friendly elements that will provide for a relaxing and comfortable environment.
  • Entertainment for all with interactive iPad games, smart LED TVs above each treatment chair for patients to watch their favorite shows, and lots of buried treasures and prizes.
  • We strive to ensure your child has a positive experience, so they look forward to coming to their next visit.


Modern and State-of-the-Art Office

  • Bright, clean, and modern state-of-the-art office with computerized charting, electronic health records, and digital x-rays.
  • We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our office by utilizing rigorous infection control and sterilization techniques.
  • We offer the latest technology and modern treatment methods. For all patient x-rays, we use a low dose digital system, thereby minimizing exposure to radiation.

1The New Dentist, Spring 2015